Monday, December 30, 2013

2014 on its way and I am READY

Must be totally hones this whole blog thing has me so confused so thank you for sticking with me!  I will get it eventually.  I have so much to say and so much to share I think I need to better organize my thoughts and my projects {absolutely have to have ADD}.

2014 is just around the tiniest corner and I vow this will be my year to get my a** in gear.  I have started 50 projects that need to be finished and have hundreds and hundreds of ideas that I want to try out.

Bring on 2014...I am READY!

Friday, April 5, 2013

More work on the tiny bedroom

I have to be very honest, I never thought one tiny room could take up so much time. I am beginning to panic a little bit inside. I can't help but wonder if I will still be taking wallpaper down in this house a decade from now!

in my moments of calm I am happy though. I am actually amazed what a little attention can do to a room and it does encourage me. Slow and steady will get me there. I am on nobody's time schedule but my own.

The tiny room is being transformed. Take a look at the in progress pictures!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Tiny bedroom transformation

I honestly wasn't quite sure where to begin. I thought the worst room first approach might be the best. But, I honestly couldn't decide which room would win that contest. Instead I adopted a more practical approach. Bedrooms first because we have to sleep someplace!

The Little Lighthouse Room it is! Project number one a room for my youngest daughter to call her own. The room is itty bitty. Exact measurements escape me but its so small that it has a built in bed in it. The walls are completely covered with nautical themed wallpaper. Even the door panels are slathered with it.

I use DIF, fabric softener, a wallpaper steamer and I watch every you tube video I can find on wallpaper removal. I have never done this and it takes me days to strip the walls back down to its original plaster.

I find the signature of whoever put up this hideous wall covering on one of the walls. It says "papered May, 1947". I realize this wall paper has been stuck to these old walls for 66 years. No wonder it took me 3 full days to remove it.

Here are a few BEFORE pictures......

What have I done now.....

I fell in love with an old house.  A very old house.  1850 kind of old.  It stole my heart (and possibly my mind as well - at least the rational thinking part of my mind).  A very long divorce made it necessary to sell the house that I loved.  Now I begin again.  On my own.  With my daughters and my little dog who is my constant partner and my imagination of what could be.  I am taking on this old house which I realize is almost a metaphor for where I am in my life --- a bit broken - craving some attention and looking for revival.  As I take on each project to come I will be polishing myself off too.  Soon both this old house and I will be ready to take on the world again and greet the future with a smile.