Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Tiny bedroom transformation

I honestly wasn't quite sure where to begin. I thought the worst room first approach might be the best. But, I honestly couldn't decide which room would win that contest. Instead I adopted a more practical approach. Bedrooms first because we have to sleep someplace!

The Little Lighthouse Room it is! Project number one a room for my youngest daughter to call her own. The room is itty bitty. Exact measurements escape me but its so small that it has a built in bed in it. The walls are completely covered with nautical themed wallpaper. Even the door panels are slathered with it.

I use DIF, fabric softener, a wallpaper steamer and I watch every you tube video I can find on wallpaper removal. I have never done this and it takes me days to strip the walls back down to its original plaster.

I find the signature of whoever put up this hideous wall covering on one of the walls. It says "papered May, 1947". I realize this wall paper has been stuck to these old walls for 66 years. No wonder it took me 3 full days to remove it.

Here are a few BEFORE pictures......

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