Thursday, January 2, 2014

If You Ignore it ....Will it Go Away?

I find myself continually fighting against the act of procrastination.  Interestingly enough I just love the idea of being organized and getting things done.  I just haven't been able to find out exactly how this process of order and organization applies to me.  I make lists.  I buy calendars of every shape and size.  Hanging, desk, hardbound, softbound, spiral bound, small sizes, large sizes.  I could open a fully stocked calendar store.  I have even tried online calendars and list making apps.  Momagenda, Evernote, I have them all right there on my desktop.

List Making?  I am a consummate professional.  Every color shape and size of paper available is at my fingertips. Don't forget the accompanying writing instruments!  Pens of every color and ink variation fill  the most adorable antique glasses on my desk.  I have an entire collection of bound notebooks with beautiful covers that I just hate to ruin any by writing in them.

Yep, I have issues.  Seems I have some big ones.  I flip flop between getting more done in a day then most can do in a week to days where I swear I feel like I  walk around in circles not knowing where to start.  What seems to lie at the heart of this issue is a need for perfection.  This is interesting since the chaos prevents any sort of perfection from even coming into play in any area at all!  

I buy the notebook.  I buy the new pens.  I have the calendar.  Hell, I even fill the calendar in but do I follow through and ever look at it?  Nope.  Not me.  Why would I actually make things easy on myself?  This is not good.

I actually have to say this is one of the things I can't stand about myself and I am taking and entirely new approach in 2014.  I am resisting the urge;  that strong pull towards STAPLES to go get all new stuff for the New Year that I will never use.  I am going COLD TURKEY.   Seems all those things haven't worked for me yet, so I am doing away with all of them for the New Year.

My approach is going to be completely organic.  I am going to use what I have.  I am going to just try to stop and FOCUS long enough to get a few things done each day that are essential.  No more lists of 50 things to get through by noon.....which only depresses me at six o'clock when I haven't gotten any of them done.  I'm paring the to do list down to 3 items a day.  Once I can master that I will add one more and then another one thing to do and so it will be. 

It's day 3 of this plan and so far I am doing marginally well.  I seem to be cheating though.  I am starting out with seriously mundane things to get my confidence up.  Today's list:  1. Make Bed  
2. Shower  3. Go to Supermarket.   Hey, I did them all.  It was a good day!  Sad, but true.  Baby steps they say.


  1. I feel your pain! I think part of the problem is a Type A need to cross things off the list, giving the illusion of accomplishing something when of course we are just chasing our tails. I read some good advice recently: to start with the hardest thing on the list. You know the one. The one you keep avoiding by fiddling around with the goodies from Staples. Distasteful but productive in the long run. Keep fighting! You can do it!

  2. Thank you so much!! Great idea....I will have to give that a try and start with the most difficult task first. Thank you for taking the time to read my post!