Friday, January 3, 2014

My Latest Procrastination Project

Enough of this random posting.  I am going to get back to my real point of this old worn down house project.  Currently working on the transformation of my Dining Room.  In truth it is a NDR right now..... Non Dining Room.  Why you ask?  Well just take a gander at the picture and you can see.....

Now, this may not look like much to the average person but those awful walls were covered with brutally ugly wallpaper on top of paint on top of wallpaper on top of paint on top of awful plaster.  I am  literally working wall by wall in this room.  The molding on the bottom was artfully placed on top of the second layer of wallpaper which made it necessary to cut around all of it with a razor blade to avoid ripping all the trim work off the wall.

Talk about procrastination....been at this one wall for almost two months!!  I try to work on it an hour or two a day because the task is so daunting.  If I had the money to hire someone I would.  That option just isn't in the cards right now so it is just me, some spackle and my paint brushes making a little bit more of a dent every day.

The built in cabinet is what was once a cold cabinet and used to keep perishable items cold before refrigerators came into play.  I imagine that what is now the dining room was once the kitchen.  The unfortunate thing is that the inside of the cabinet is painted a very deep cranberry red color.  It's been awful trying to get it white!

If anyone has taken on a project like this and lived to tell about it please share your experience with me!!  I know it will be beautiful when it is done . . . just have to keep the faith and keep plugging along.

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